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That’s right! I’m moving to Austin THIS WEDNESDAY. I recently accepted a job with Main Street Hub as a social media profile manager & I couldn’t be more excited. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but at least I’m getting my foot in the door and starting out my career.

That being said, today is the last day of my internship with Ekistics, Inc.

Entrepreneur's Row Office

Entrepreneur’s Row Office

It’s been a wonderful experience understanding the inner workings of a boutique hotel, learning about the distinct design in loft spaces, event planning, as well as researching the creative people that are the backbone of this brand.

I’ve met some incredibly talented people, and to finish up my time here tomorrow night we are throwing an event to honor Charles Bukowski on his birthday. As a brand that celebrates creative people, Bukowski is a genius curmudgeon of epic proportions. Not only was he an original poet, but he was first published by the Loujon Press. I’ve been spending my time in the Williams Research Center in New Orleans collecting archives on him for the event as well as chasing down every place he lived and worked in his time spent here. Through this process, I also discovered my 65 year old dad was Bukowski’s friend as well as one of the top Buk book collectors in the South. It’s been a great experience preparing for this event as well as bonding with my dad over his favorite poet.

Bukowski Event Invite

Bukowski Event Invite

Pictures of event will be posted soon.


Updates & Internships

My so called “Funemployment” has turned out to be busier that I assumed. I am currently a part-time interior decorator, social media intern for a chain of boutique hotels, and a family care-taker of both of my sick parents. I’m spending my days between doctors appointments, dog-sitting, cultivating artful posts, and reupholstering headboards by hand. I’m a pro with power tools now, as well as an oil painter (because my budget for the room is incredibly low).

I have to admit… I’m having fun. I’m not bored because I’m constantly stimulated by something I need to get done, which I enjoy.

Hopefully the job search ends soon and I can move somewhere else where I’m given more opportunity and room to grow. Until then, New Orleans it is. My future is up in the air, but I’m surprisingly ok with that because I truly know what I want to do with my life and I’m excited to find somewhere to develop my skills.

Here are some things I’ve been up to:

Watching Art & Copy on repeat:

ART & COPY Trailer from ART & COPY on Vimeo.

Reading Damn Good Advice:

George Lois


Cuddling with my Italian Greyhounds:


Painting for a Room Makeover:


if you love


Hanging out at the office:



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NYC – Advice & the Plan

Here are a couple of fun things I worked on for the UO NYC trip for creative week:

1. A Wieden & Kennedy Pitch for an aging financial services company to expand to a younger generation (the task: 3 days to come up with a potential campaign & to pre-pitch to a panel of professors with a team of 5 students you’ve never met)-

Single Most Important Thought: Just because you’re limited in your finances, doesn’t mean you’re limited in your future. 


Friction. It makes us feel immobile as we press forward.

It clutches onto our momentum and tells us we can’t be who we want to be. That we can’t build what we want to build.  


But what if this adversity was our catalyst for success.

The lens we use to focus our goals.

We are a generation of future mothers, fathers and homeowners,

bearers of cherished love,

a perfect job,

and a “happy place”.


These dreams all have a shared genesis, a letter. (They all begin with a letter)

And when it comes to education, there are an infinite number of doors to be opened.

Finances should not leave them closed.


Plan for your future, and your future will go according to plan.




2. I explored the city and had the luck to tour quite a few agencies:

New York, New York

One of the amazing meals I had in New York

“All creative work begins by doing something with the hands. Creating is simply a problem and design is the way out.” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A view of the City from Brooklyn

Beautiful graffiti in Bushwick

Stereotypical Hailing a Cab picture

More cool Bushwick Graffiti

My friend and I on the Highline

3. Where to go from here

nyc 2014

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New York City

I know it has been a while since I’ve last blogged, but that is because I can honestly say that I’ve been living life to the fullest and taking advantage of every opportunity I’ve been presented with. Being a 22 year old almost-grad is sort of like being in limbo. You’re still in school, therefore getting hired immediately is a bit difficult, and internships begin in May and Oregon doesn’t graduate until June. Not only are those obstacles, but there is also the obstacle of deciding where in the world to live. As an explorer, I’m naturally having trouble narrowing down where to settle my future. West Coast? South? East Coast? The options are endless. That is why I went on the University of Oregon NYC trip to creative week with the advertising school. I had no idea what to expect. 

What I discovered is that New York is a city that can fulfill any expectations. It a place to be inspired and never bored. It’s a city booming with young people and pushing every limit possible whether it is fashion, technology, or food. Sleep doesn’t exist and neither does redundancy. Not only have I been recharged and re-inspired, but my future career has never been more clear and clouded simultaneously. 

This is just the preamble to what is coming in the next post, and I can’t wait to share how much I’ve been inspired. 

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High School Dreams

I used to have an idea book that I started when I was 14. I kept everything I loved in it throughout high school. Mementos from traveling, poetry, and fragments from magazines that I thought were cool.

I recently found some old pictures of my book , and I wanted to share. They aren’t the highest quality pictures (I’m sure I took these with an old canon digital camera), but you can get the idea of what I loved. I completely forgot about this book until now, and it makes me realize how creative and organized I have been this whole time. Even though I’m 22 now, I’m still doing the exact same thing in a different place and time.








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Creativity Crunch Time

After the massive snow storm that came through Eugene, Oregon this past week, I was struggling to get things done. Not only was my electricity out for over a week, but I had to attend school and spend my week house-hopping and re-wearing dirty clothes. Fortunately my power came back on late thursday, but unfortunately I was given zero extended deadlines for my final projects.

Then, I found this video which really inspired me to brainstorm for my final project in my digital imaging class this term.

Now I need to take a deep breath and tackle to task (or luxury) of deciding exactly what I want to do with the rest of time this term whether it’s re-branding a company, product design, or creating a book with a larger meaning or theme, I’m ready for the task.

Now please enjoy the album cover for my fictional electro-punk girl band: The Basics.

All illustrations, photographs, and editing was done by myself.

My Fictional Band

My Fictional Band

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